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Hudson: (518) 828-3139

Black Teas

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* Indicates Organic Tea. You can search for a tea by name in the box at right.

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Ambangulu(Tanzania) Full bodied with good flavor. A bright, coppery cup with rich malty thickness.$3.00 oz.
Ancient Golden(China) Malty golden peppery infusion from Yunnan, China. Organic$5.25 oz.
Chisunga(Malawi) A medium bodied malty cup with reddish color.$2.50 oz.
Cream Earl Grey(Sri Lanka) An exquisite Earl Grey character mellowed with soft hints of cream.$3.00 oz.
Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan(Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Spain) Lively yet delicate, with a slightly toasty, smokey character.$3.00 oz.
Earl Grey(Sri Lanka) Traditional blend of China Black tea and essential oil of bergamot.$2.75 oz.
Decaf Courtlodge (Sri Lanka)A luxury decaffeinated black tea from one of the top Ceylon estates in Sri Lanka$5.50 oz.
Decaf Earl Grey(Sri Lanka) Chemical free decaffeinated process. Full flavor cup with excellent Earl Grey notes.$3.00 oz.
English Breakfast(Sri Lanka) A classic blend, coppery bright with satisfying full tea flavor.$2.75 oz.
Ilam Nepal(Nepal) High mountain Himalayan tea. Lovely hints of muscatel, good strength, similar to an excellent Darjeeling.$5.50 oz.
Immortal Nectar PuerhA rare, premium cave aged puerh known to decrease physical stress and lower cholesterol$7.00 oz.
Irish Breakfast(India) & (Kenya) A classic blend similar to English Breakfast with a stronger, darker flavor and color.$2.75 oz.
Irish Cream Tea(Sri Lanka) Premium black tea, calendula petals, everlasting, Marigold, with creamy caramel highlights.$3.25 oz.
Keemun Panda(China) A rich coppery brew with a winey, fruity aroma.$2.25 oz.
Kenilworth(Sri Lanka) Strong, full bodied cup, Smooth yet lively, malty flavor.$3.25 oz.
Lapsang Souchong(China) Organic. A dark red liquor and a distinctively exotic, smoky flavor.$3.00 oz.
Lover’s Leap(Sri Lanka) Orange pekoe. A golden liquor, light, smooth and bright with notes of caramel.$3.25 oz.
Lumbini(Sri Lanka) Orange pekoe. Rich, strong and smooth with smokey overtones.$4.50 oz.
Mt. Everest Breakfast BlendTippy Assam and Yunnan teas with surprising complexity.$2.75 oz.
Milima(Kenya) Golden broken orange pekoe. Tippy appearance, haunting malty notes with Bordeaux-like flavor.$3.25 oz.
Queen Mary(India, Sri Lanka, Kenya) A blend of black teas. A round cup tempered with flowery character and malty notes.$3.25 oz.
Tuo Cha Pu-erh(China) Compressed tea in miniature bird’s nest shape. Rich dark earthly brew.$2.25 oz.
Velocitea(India) Malty and strong with lots of caffeine.$2.75 oz.
Assam Estates
Banaspati Organic AssamA fine whole leaf organic black tea.$2.25 oz.
Golden Tips Assam(India) Glenburn Estate, Lots of chunky tips. A Golden liquor with great malty finish$4.75 oz.
Tarajulie(India) Like Gingia, an orange pekoe with warm brown color and full bodied. Rich, sweet and malty.$2.50 oz.
Decaf Assam(India) Chemical free decaffeinated. Full bodied character with classic Assam maltiness.$3.75 oz.
Darjeeling Estates
Glenburn Darjeeling(India) Glenburn Estate. Full bodied, mellow with flowery bouquet and malty undertones.$4.25 oz
Margaret’s Hope(India) Tippy golden orange pekoe. Pale amber cup with lovely muscatel, honey like flavor.$5.00 oz.
Soom(India) A superb 1st flush. Delicate muscatel character with excellent roundness.$8.50 oz
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