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Hudson: (518) 828-3139

Green Teas

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* Indicates Organic Tea. You can search for a tea by name in the box at right.

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Calypso GreenPan fired green tea, shredded coconut, pineapple bits, coconut & pineapple flavor.$2.90 oz.
Chunmee(China) Light amber liquor with soft, smooth, slightly “plumy” flavor.$3.25 oz.
Dragonwell Lung Ching(China) Full bodied, brisk, with a slight heady bouquet.$5.75 oz.
Earl Grey Green TeaAll natural bergamot flavor with excellent Ceylon green tea.$3.50 oz.
Energi TeaGreen tea, Rooibos, ginseng roots, linden blossoms, rose petals, and lemon and orange granules.$2.50 oz.
Formosa Gunpowder(Taiwan) Surprising body with intriguing hints of oakiness.$2.75 oz.
Genmaicha(Japan) Steamed tea with fire-toasted rice. Light brownish yellow liquor, toasty flavor tending sweet.$3.00 oz.
Gyokuro(Japan) ”Precious Dew”, the splendid pampered child of green tea.$11.25 oz.
Hojicha(Japan) Roasted Bancha tea, an amber infusion with mild savory aroma and flavor.$3.25 oz.
Jasmine Dragon Tears(China) Hand rolled tea pearls. Smooth, delicate and pleasing Jasmine flavor.$14.00 oz.
Jasmine with Flowers(China) Full bodied with floral character, specially selected May Jasmine blossoms.$2.50 oz.
Kashmiri Green Tea ChaiSpicy chai ingredients with a full bodied Chinese green tea.$2.75 oz.
Lotus Green TeaHand harvested Lotus blossoms blended with green tea and prepared in small batches in an ancient scenting method$4.50 oz.
Maple Green(Sri Lanka) High grown Ceylon greet tea coupled with incredible taste of maple.$3.50 oz.
Moroccan MadnessGreen tea with peppermint.$3.50 oz.
Organic Decaf GreenGreen Tea Naturally decaffeinated medium cut green tea.$4.00 oz.
Osprey GunpowderOrganic China rolled green tea with surprising body and captivating green tea taste.$3.00 oz.
Organic Sencha(China) Organic Sencha tea with bright forest green color and robust flavor$6.50 oz.
Peacock #1 Organic(China) Fruity-like, early season flavor. Cup is bright emerald green.$3.50 oz.
Pinhead Gunpowder oz.Steamed green tea with body and almost nutty green tea taste.$3.00 oz.
Pomegranate Hibiscus Green(China) Select green tea with raspberries and anti-oxidant rich essence of Pomegranate.$3.25 oz.
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival(Japan) Blend of high quality green tea with sweet cherry and rose flavor.$2.50 oz.
The 3 GracesGinger root, orange peel and peach pieces with ginger, orange and peach flavor.$2.50 oz.
Flowering TeasArtisanal hand rolled tea balls that open into a flower. Green tea leaves hand sewn around jasmine, amaranth, marigold or chrysanthemum blossoms.$2.00 ea.
Matcha(Japan) Ceremonial grade 30 g tin$25.00
Matcha(Japan) Stone ground premium green tea, cooking grade 100g package (organic $2 extra)$28.00
Matcha To Go(Japan) Stone ground premium green tea in 10 x 4g individual packets$19.95
Matcha Zen Cafe Blend(Japan) A sweet blend of Matcha green tea for single serving smoothies and lattes. 12 x 15g packets.$19.95
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Telephone: (518) 828-3139

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